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From day one we have believed in making things right.  Whatever we do, we have the mindset of approaching it with making it right.  Let's be honest, all businesses have the occasional mishap.  But, what makes that business good or bad is how they handle those mishaps.  We pride ourselves in doing what we can to make it right.

Our team consists of members with insurance and construction experience.  Owners Justin James and Christian Hetrick both were insurance agents at one time.  This experience allows Kore Restoration and you, the homeowner, to work together to navigate the, often times, overwhelming waters that is insurance claims.  We know the lingo.  We have the knowledge.  We know many in the industry.  From agents of all companies to adjusters in the area, they know us and trust us.  Our construction background is just as important.  As a licensed homebuilder, we at Kore Restoration can handle just about anything that can be done to a house.  We also surround ourselves with many people with expertise in fields that we may not be as knowledgeable and sometimes have to depend on.  It would be nice to know all there is to know in construction and be able to perform all the tasks ourselves, but we know it's best to have others than we can collaborate with that specializes in a certain trade.  Hey, we aren't afraid to get dirty and in the thick of things though...

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