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Servicing the Shoals  |  Trusted since 2018

Experts in the Insurance Industry

Knowledge of insurance claims and how your policy works for you is important when dealing with damage to your home.  We have experts on hand to handle the difficult parts for you.


Mitigation & Reconstruction

From temporary repairs, to drying water with state-of-the-art equipment, to guidance on things you can do as a responsible homeowner, we help with mitigating the damage to your home so your inconvenience is as minimal as possible.  Our experience in mitigation and reconstruction allows you to call one company to handle it all.

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When bad luck strikes, Kore can help

A tree is blown over by strong winds and crushes your roof.  A pipe burst and floods your kitchen, living room, and bedroom.  A fire starts in the basement and carries up the next two floors and destroys all your belongings before the fire department can get there.  


These are all examples of real life scenarios that we at Kore Restoration have encountered.  Being displaced from your home due to bad luck is no fun for anybody.  Unfortunately, it happens.  Luckily companies like ours exists.  


Kore Restoration can handle the scenarios, and others similar, from beginning to end.  Getting you and your family back in your home by getting it back to the way it was (or better) is important to us.  We work tirelessly for you.  Plus, we work closely with your insurance company to make sure you are taken care of properly and ensure nothing is left out of your claim that you deserve.


Locally Owned Restoration Company


We service the Shoals area in Northwest Alabama.  With operations centered in Florence, we help families in Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, Sheffield, Killen, Rogersville, and surrounding areas.  


If you have had recent damage to your home from storms, fire or water, you can call or text us at 256-415-7212 to schedule an appointment for an inspection.  After the inspection we can discuss next steps.  If you would like, you can also schedule the appointment online with our online scheduler.  Please note, inspections are typically done between 9am-5pm, but special accommodations may be made in certain circumstances.


For emergency services please call us.  

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